English in Action 2023

Mardi 2 mai, le collège a une nouvelle fois accueilli la compagnie anglophone V.O pour une séance de théâtre en anglais. « English in Action », ou comment, en une heure, découvrir une activité de théâtre, inventer une histoire, la mettre en scène et la jouer ! Les élèves, ravis, ont participé activement et ont applaudi leurs courageux camarades qui ont joué une pièce autour du thème de « The Witch ».

Voici deux des histoires inventées :

Group 3
Françoise London is a 300-year-old witch. She is short with a very fat bottom, black spikey hair, a big nose like Pinocchio. She has a boyfriend, Gerard and a cat, Michel. Michel is very stupid.
Françoise met Gerard one day at the beach. She uses magic on him to make him love her. She uses the word « PAIN ». She makes a potion using pizza, a foot, a cow’s head and cat’s eyes to transform boys into mice.
She then goes to a school and finds some boys to transform.
SuperPig arrives and stops her.

Group 4
Youdka Chocolate is a witch. She is 29 years old. She is tall and very fat with blue hair and a piggy nose. She is married to Jean-Richard, he is 120 years old!
It’s a Friday in winter at 7pm. Youdka and Jean-Richard are at home in a big house. The witch is in the toilet. Jean-Richard is in the kitchen. The cookies are bad so they go to a café and order cookies, which are also bad. The witch kills the Chef with the magic word « TITUS ».
She makes a potion to transform a teacher into a sheep. She makes it with horse eyes, a frog, a chicken and a fool.

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